I've read sentences that say something like "No children under the age of 18...", to which I think "Is there a child over the age of 17?" Why not say "Adults only"?

If a woman recounts a tale about how she and her girlfriends did X, Y, and Z, no one thinks twice. If man recounts a tale about how he and his boyfriends .. there is an awkward pause and explanation.

Why is your Old Man your father, but your Old Lady is not your mother?

Condoms sold in stores are in the Family Planning section, but if you're buying condoms, you're not planning to have a family. And why isn't there a section of the drug store called STD Prevention?

Tampons and Maxi Pads are in the section euphemistically called Feminine Hygiene, but Toilet Paper and Baby Wipes are NOT in a section called Anal Hygiene.